Color Society


Revised Syllabus for the Color Society’s Diploma in Ink Technology.

Academic Year - 2021-2022

(Revision -01, Date - 20-01-2022)

PAPER I                                                                                            Marks 100 


  • General Introduction and historical background of Paints and Inks.
  • Definition of Paints, Inks, Coatings, Varnishes, Lacquers.
  • Why paints or coatings? – Importance of coating.
  • Essential and specific functions of coatings and Inks.
  • Main constituents and Ingredients of Coatings and Inks
  • Function and role of each ingredients.
  • Classification/Types of paints.
  • Basic of polymer chemistry.
  • Methods of  Polymerization.
  • Polymer characterization- Molecular weight distribution, Rheology of polymeric systems etc.
  • Film formation mechanism/ drying of paints.

PAPER II                                                                                                           Marks 100 


  1) Resins/Binders/Polymers.

  • Definition and function of resins.
  • Classification and properties of Resin/ Binders.
  • In short –methods of resin manufacturing.
  • Properties of Coatings affected by Resin /Binders.
  • General binders for solvent base and water base paints.
  • Testing of resins and Important of specific test.
  • Testing of resins and Important of specific test.

 2) Pigments and Extenders.

  • Concept of colour phenomenon. (General concepts of color and its evaluation.)
  • Types of pigments: Organic, Inorganic, specialty, and Miscellaneous pigments.
  • Types of extenders.
  • Specific Properties of Pigments and Extenders.
  • Function of pigments and extenders in coatings.
  • Testing of pigments.

 3) Solvents/Thinners.

  • Types of solvents
  • General Properties of solvents.
  • Effect of solvent on film properties.
  • Classes of solvents.
  • Testing of solvents

 4) Additives.

  • Function of additives.
  • General Properties of additives.
  • Testing of Additives.


PAPER III                                                                                                        Marks 100


  • General Introduction of Inks.
  • History of Inks.
  • Definition of Inks.
  • Classifications of Inks.
  • Inks Ingredients and their functions..
  • Types of Inks.
  •  a) Letter Press Inks.  b) Offset Inks. c) Gravure  Inks  d) Flexographic Inks. d) Screen Inks. e) Metal Decorating Inks. f) Ink Jet Inks.  g) UV Cured Inks. h) Writing Inks i) Other Inks.  
  • Colour Theory.
  • Inks manufacturing Process.
  • Principles of Ink formulations.
  • Chemistry and Rheology of Inks.
  • Drying of Inks.
  • Typical formulation of Inks..
  • Inks manufacturing Process.
  • Machinery used in Inks manufacturing
  • Testing of Inks (wet paint and dry film)
  • General hazards in Ink Industries.
  • Ink Storage precautions
  • Safety measure and protection during Ink handling.

PAPER IV                                                                                                         Marks 100

                                          Ink Application and Packaging

  • Printing Pre-press. Printing workflow, Typography , 2D &3D typefaces, Family Readability, Alignment , Surface Preparation etc.
  • Printing Processes, Machineries and their maintenance.
  • Printing Post-press.
  • Graphic Design ,Print Lay out.
  • Advertising and Multimedia.
  • Printing Post-press. Binding Techniques, Finishing Techniques such as Punching, Embosing,Foiling, Lamination,Varnishing, Spot UV etc.
  • Costing and Estimating.
  • Quality control techniques.
  • Application problems , Print defects, Causes and Remedies
  • Packaging Materials.
  • Different types of Substrates / Surfaces and Surface Preparations and printing
  • Rigid packaging.
  • Flexible packaging and Lamination.
  • Compliance , Health safety, and the Environment.
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