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The Colour Society is a professional society registered under the societies registration Act of 1960 Registration No772/1952-53, under the Public Trust Act NoF/4728.It is a non profit making registered body founded in 1952 by prominent Paint technologists & Research Scientists like Late Prof.N R kamath, Late Shri RV Raghavan, Dr K G Kudva, Major AG Hammond, Shri N S Bharatia & other like minded professionals.

The main objectives of the Society are listed below:-

  1. The society was founded to improve the scientific & technical development of the Surface coating industries concerned with the manufacture of Paints, Printing Inks, and its raw materials and allied products.
  2. To advance & Develop for the benefit of its members the Art, Science ,Technology & Engg of  the Surface coating Industry.
  3. To form & Organise a strong professional Body of chemists, technologists, and all those connected with the Surface coating industry, Synthetic polymers, Pigments, Additives, Solvents & other related materials..
  4. To Institute, update & Advance the standard of education & Training at all levels in the field of Surface coatings, & related materials, Marketing & Finance Mgmt.
  5. To project the vital contribution of surface coatings for the upliftment of the national economy in improving productivity, cost effective production, preservation , storage & handling  of products, in infrastructure development & industrial growth of the country.
  6. To disseminate for public awareness all relevant information about surface coating industry & related materials as to remove misconceptions arising out of ignorance & to educate the public, policy makers, media about the Benefits of surface coating play in improving the overall quality of life

The diploma course in Paint Technology is being conducted by The Colour Society since 1977 at I.C.T., more than 1000 students have benefited from this course since its inception. The membership of the association consists of Chemists, Technologists, Engineers and people from Surface Coating, Adhesives and Printing Inks Industry. The composite nature of the membership provides excellent opportunities for the exchange of ideas on all aspects of Surface Coatings.

The membership details of the society as on 31st March 2013 are as below:

Honorary Members
Patron Members
Corporate Members
Life Members
Ordinary Members
Student Members

The Subscription charges of the society as on 31st March 2013 are as below:

Patron Members
Corporate Members
Life Members
Ordinary Members
Student Members
Entrance Fee
Annual Subscription
Year/Year’s Name of President
2019 – 2020 Mr. Manik Salunkhe
2018 – 2019 Dr. Tipanna Melkari
2017 – 2018 Dr. Tipanna Melkari
2016 – 2017 Mr. Mukund Hulyalkar
2015 – 2016 Mr. Mukund Hulyalkar
2014 – 2015 Prof. P. A. Mahanwar
2013 – 2014 Prof. P. A. Mahanwar
2012 – 2013 Mr. P. B. Deshmukh
2011 – 2012 Mr. P. B. Deshmukh
2010 – 2011 Dr. P. S. Samant
2009 – 2010 Dr. P. S. Samant
2008 – 2009 Shri. G. L. Chandavarkar
2007 – 2008 Shri. G. L. Chandavarkar
2006 – 2007 Dr. M. N. Narkhede
2005 – 2006 Dr. M. N. Narkhede
2004 – 2005 Dr. P. S. Samant
2003 – 2004 Dr. P. S. Samant
2002 – 2003 Prof. M. A. Shenoy
2001 – 2002 Shri. P. S. Khanolkar
2000 – 2001 Shri. P. S. Khanolkar
1999 – 2000 Shri. V. S. Bhakre
1998 – 1999 Shri. V. S. Bhakre
1997 – 1998 Dr. K. K. Saxena
1996 – 1997 Shri. H. K. Momaya
1995 – 1996 Shri. H. K. Momaya
1994 – 1995 Shri. Savai Sheth
1993 – 1994 Shri. Savai Sheth
1992 – 1993 Shri. M. C. Choksi
1991 – 1992 Shri. M. C. Choksi
1989 – 1990 Shri. M. V. Sathaye
1988 Shri. C. J. Bhumkar
1987 Shri. V. Krishnan
1984 – 1986 Shri. S. H. Desai
1983 Shri. H. A. Bhatt
1982 Shri. N. K. Narkhede
1981 Shri. A. N. Kataria
1978 – 1980 Shri. N. S. Bharatia
1975 – 1977 Shri. R. K. Marphatia
1973 – 1974 Shri. S. V. Sathaye
1972 – 1986 Dr. G. D. Shetye
1970 – 1971 Shri. L. U. Shegaonkar
1969 Prof. S. P. Potnis
1966 – 1968 Shri. W. E. Norris
1965 Dr. S. V. Pumtabekar
1960 -1964 Shri. N. S. Bharatia
1959 Dr. K. G. Kudva
1954 – 1958 Prof. N. R. Kamath
1952 – 1953 Major A. G. Hammond

Prof. N. R. Kamath Memorial Lecture

Prof. N. R. Kamath Memorial Lecture delivered on 8th September every year to commemorate the birthday of Late Prof. N. R. Kamath.

The distinguished personalities who have delivered the lectures are:


Dr. Ramki Subramanian
Sr.Vice President, Business Development, Reliance Industries Ltd.

“Sustainability and Product Development”.


Prof. Dr. V. G. Gaikar
Vice Chancellor, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere

“Intensification of Process and Systems”.


Padmashree Prof. (Dr) G.D. Yadav
Vice Chancellor, Institute Of Chemical Technology

“Selectivity Engineering in Synthesis of chemicals, fuels and polymers from Biomass and Co2”.


Mr. Yashwant H. Gharpure
Ex. Managing Director, PSU, President Technology Transfer Association

“Bio Technology for quantum jump in 21st Century”.


Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay Deshmukh
Vice Chancellor, University of Mumbai

“Importance of Polymer Sciences in achieving sustainable societal development”.


Dr. Shard Kale
B.A.R.C. Head, Nuclear agriculture & Biotechnology Division

“Environmental sustainability-scientific and social perspective”.


Prof. N.N. Maldar
Vice Chancellor, Solapur University

“Status of higher Education in Rural & Urban India”.


Prof. Vasudha Kamat
Vice Chancellor, SNDT Womens University

“Social Media for Higher Education”.


Mr. P. M. Murthy
C.E.O. Asian Paints

“Coating Industry – Agenda for the future”.


Prof. Debang Khakhar
Director, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai

“Trends in Research & Development – An Academic Viewpoint”


Bhausaheb Kelkar
MD, S.H. Kelkar Pvt Ltd.

“Experience in building an empire of perfumery chemicals”.


Dr. D.D. Kale
Consultant, Reliance Industries Ltd.

“Biofuel – Some perspectives”.


Mr. Arun Sehgal
Director, Chempro Group

“Creative leadership through successful globalisation & Challenges for Indian Chemical Industry”.


Mr. K. Venkataramanan
Director, L & T

“Building of an Indian Multinational in Engineering (ENG) and Constructing of Process Plant”.


Dr. Keki Hormusji Gharda
CEO & MD, Gharda Chemicals Ltd.
Director of Gujarat Insecticide Ltd.

“Advances in Colour Chemistry”.


Dr. Raghunath A Mashelkar
Director General, C.S.I.R.

“Making High Technology work for the poor”.


Dr. S. Sivaram
Director, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune

“The Impact of Nanotechnology in Micromolecules, Approach to Novel Functional Materials”.


Shri. Y. V. Chandrachud
Former Chief Justice of India

“Law for the common Man”.


Shri. Z. F. Lashkari
Yezper Consultants, Mumbai

“Annihilation or Growth: Choices  for India’s Chemical Industry”.


Shri. R. V. Raghavan
Editor, Publisher, Colour Publications and Founder Member of the Colour Society.

“Internet and the Chemical Industry”.


Shri P.R. Rastogi
Managing Director, Clariant India Ltd., Mumbai

“Management Challenges for Indian Managers in the 21st Century”.


Shri. R. C. Sinha
I.A.S. (Retd).
Vice-Chairman & Managing Director, MSRDC

“Infrastructure – A Constraint or Acceleration of Economic Growth”.


Dr. (Smt.) Snehalata Deshmukh, Vice-Chancellor, University of Mumbai

“Education: An Enigma”.


Dr. A. N. Dravid
M.D. & C.E.O., M/s. Humphreys and Glasgow Consultants Pvt.Ltd., Mumbai

“The Service Sector in Modern Economy”.


Prof S. P. Sukhatme
Director and Professor of “Mechanical Engg. I.I.T. Mumbai”

“The Brain-Drain:Some Perspectives”.


Prof . M. M. Sharma
Director, UDCT

“Growth Triggered through Technology.”


Dr N. M. Duldhoya
M.D., Polyolefins Ind. Ltd.

“Plastic Industry and Liberalisation Era”.


Shri. R. K. Marphatia

“Modern Industrial Coatings”.


Shri R. D. Aga
M.D. Thermax Ltd.

“The Changing Mindset Thoughts on New Economic Policy”.


Shri G. D. Gadgil

“Current Economic Environment in the Country”.


Dr. F. A. Mehta
Chairman, Goodlass Nerolac Paints Ltd.

“Decaying Cities and Decaying Industries”.


Shri B.M. Gogte
Chairman, SICOM

“Industrial Growth and its Beneficiaries”.


Shri P. M. Kavadia
Director, Somaiya Ind

“Changing Colours on Threshold of  21st Centruy”.


Shri S. S. Nadkarni
M.D., I.C.I.C.I

“Chemical Industry & Human Beings”.


Shri C. H. Choksey
Chairman, Asian Paints (I) Ltd.

“Paint  Industry  40 years in Retrospect & Future Prospects”.


Late Shri C.J. Bhumkar Memorial Lecture

Late Shri C.J. Bhumkar Memorial Lecture delivered on 20th March every year.

The distinguished personalities who have delivered the lectures are:


Mr. Anand Kulkarni
Director, Corrosion Control Services (B) Pvt. Ltd.

“Cathodic protection: An obscure Branch of Electrochemistry”.


Mr. Sanjay Sethi

“Industry 4.0 & The Future of Jobs”.


Dr. Ajit Ranade
Sr. President & Chief Economist, Aditya Birla Group

“Challenges of economics growth and inequality”.


Dr. Swaminathan Sivaram
Former Director, CSIR, National Chemicals Laboratory

“Colour and Materials in our energy future”.


Mr. V.S. Bhakre
Visiting facility, Management Institute

“Winner in the Game of Life”.


Dr. Rajan Venkatesh
Vice President, South Asia BASF

“Dispersion – A Kaleidoscope of Opportunities”.


Mr. Ullhas Nimkar
CMD, Nimkartek Technical Services Pvt. Ltd.

“Dynamic Demands from Colourants”.


Prof. J. B. Joshi
Ex Director, I.C.T

“Miniaturization of Process Equipment- A case study of Annular Centrifugal extractors”.


Mr.Deepak Ghaisas,
Chairman, Gencoval Group of Companies

“Knowledge Economy”.


Prof. M.M. Sharma

“The Crucial role of Innovation For Economic & Social Growth”.



 Name: Dr. Tipanna Melkari
 Designation: Hon. Immediate Past President
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  Name: Mr. Manik   Salunkhe
  Designation: Hon. President
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  Name: Dr. Girish Nagarkar
  Designation: Hon. Vice President
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Name: Prof. P.A. Mahanwar
Designation: Hon. Secretary
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  Name: Mr. Rohan Taware
  Designation: Hon. Joint Secretary
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  Name: Mr. Prakash Dhapre
  Designation: Hon. Treasurer   
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  Name: Mr. Sanjay Garg
  Designation: Hon. Member
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  Name: Mr. Dilip Patil
  Designation: Hon. Member
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  Name: Mr. Shivaji Durgavale
  Designation: Hon. Member
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  Name: Mr. Mukund Hulyalkar
  Designation: Hon. Education Committee Chairman
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  Name: Dr. Harish Agarwal
  Designation: Hon. Program Committee Chairman
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  Name: Mr. Prasad Purandare
  Designation: Hon. Out Rich Publication Committee Chairman 
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  Name: Mr. K.Raghuraman
  Designation: Hon. Publication Committee Chairman
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  Name: Mr. M.V.Bengeri
  Designation: Co-Op Member
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  Name: Mr. Hiten Doshi
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  Name: Mr. Rajendra Dhondugade
  Designation: Invitee
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   Name: Mr. N.S.Pradhan
   Designation: Invitee
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The Colour Society organizes on a regular basis the following activities to spread knowledge  about Surface coatings, Stimulate thinking, Network with industry and share experiences with members.

  1. The Society has been conducting a One year part time  Diploma Course in Paint Technology  in collaboration with IPA since 1977 and has been successfully conducting this course for the last 36 years with more than 1500 Chemists & Industry personnel  having  being enrolled for this course.
  2. An important means of communication is through holding of Monthly technical lectures by eminent persons from industry & Educational institutes on all aspects of Surface coatings, raw materials, Marketing & Finance, Environmental  aspects and other related subjects.
  3. The society also conducts short term refresher courses, study workshops, Visit to Factory, Exhibitions etc.
  4. The society has been organising the Prof N.R.Kamath Memorial Lecture since 1984 to commemorate the Birthday of late Prof kamath. On 8th Sept. Some of the distinguished speakers have been Late Shri CH Choksey, Dr. F.A Mehta, Shri G D Gadgil, Prof. M M Sharma, Dr. Snehalata Deshmukh, Dr S.Sivaram, Dr. R A Mashelkar, Shri K Venkataraman and other prominent speakers.
  5. The society is organising  a memorial lecture to commemorate the birthday of late Shri. C J Bhumkar on 19th March every year since 2010.
  6. It also conducts study  tours to exhibitions in India and abroad for its members.
  7. The society website will be launched very soon with interactive features to network with all its members.
  8. The launching of the journal of the Colour society in 1962 was a landmark in the history of the society.
The launching of the quarterly journal of The Colour Society in February 1962 was a major landmark in the short history of the Society. Through the high scientific standards of its articles, the Journal of Colour Society enjoys a pre-eminent position in technical literature. Apart from the contributed articles, the journal contains papers presented at the monthly lectures and during annual seminar. The Journal is now abstracted by chemical abstracts.
The administration of the Colour Society is governed by the Managing Committee which is elected by its members once in 2 years. The President, Vice President, Hon Secretary, Hon.Treasurer and members who have the executive authority for day to day functioning. With its office located in ICT Mumbai, the committee meets once a month to decide its activities.