Mr. Prakash Dhapre
Hon. Treasurer

Mr. Prakash K Dhapare is an Indian entrepreneur and the founder of VRINDA Ventures. He was born in September of 1963, in the state of Maharashtra and eventually went on to obtain his Bachelors of Chemical Technology degree from the institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai, formerly known as the University Department of Chemical Technology (UDCT), University of Mumbai when he obtained his degree.

Mr. Dhapare holds an illustrious career that kicked off when he joined Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd. (IPCL), Vadodara. He then look the position of Plant Manager at Sarbi Petroleum and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. and then finally joined TOTAL Petroleum Ltd. a France based multinational company, where he worked in various areas such as Production, Quality Control, Product development, Technical Support at the Managerial Level and so on before moving on to the next step, being starting his own company.

In 2002, with over 15 years of experience in various fields and the expertise to boot, he founded VRINDA Petroleum and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. his first ventures with many more to come. VPCL was a multifaceted company dealing with the manufacture of various petroleum and chemical products used in a number of industries such as  Lubricants ,  Additives for Paint & Lubes, Solvent and many other raw materials which  required to making Colour, Ink & Adhesive etc.
Further down the line Mr. Dhapare subsequently founded various other businesses in fields such as different types of Waxes & its emulsions, Metal care products, Cleaning Products, Lithium Battery Chemicals as well as Wind and Solar Powered Renewable Energy Products.

As of now Mr. Dhapare holds the position of:

  • Director of “VRINDA Petroleum & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.”
  • Proprietor of “VAXO Chemical Corporation”, A manufacturing Unit specializing in the production of various types of waxes and its emulsion.
  • CEO at “Aditya Akshay Urja” , A business aimed at promoting and marketing products dealing with Renewable Sources of Energy such as Wind and Solar.
  • Technical Director of “VRINDA Li-iON Batteries”, A manufacturing unit for Cathode and Anode active materials such as LiFePO4, NMC 622, Li4Ti5O12 used in Lithium Ion Batteries under the license from BARC.

Mr. Dhapare is a life member of Dharmanath Charitable Trust and also was a member of the Advisory Committee at the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) – Government of India, New Delhi. His hobbies include doing Yoga and Exercise.