Dr. Tipanna Melkari
Hon. Immediate Past President

Dr. Tipanna Melkeri has obtained his Bsc.(Tech.) degree in year 1993. He Joined M/s Asian paints as chemist thereafter. After working one and half year, he enrolled for Msc. (Tech.) in plastics under prof DD Kale. November 1994, he was appointed as lecturer in UDCT. He obtained his Msc.(Tech.) and Ph.D (Tech.) degrees in year 1997 and 2000 respectively. Thereafter, He joined M/s Aron Universal Ltd., A fluorescent manufacturing company as a Sr R & D Manager. In year 2002, he joined Nirlon Ltd as head, R & D. He also worked for M/s Tytan Organics Pvt Ltd as a R & D and QA manager before he started his own company M/s Macrotech polychem Pvt Ltd.
Year 2004, he started Macrotech Polychem Pvt. Ltd a manufacturing company. In Macrotech Polychem Pvt. Ltd, he implemented manufacturing of nylon 6, engineering plastics chips, pearlescent pigment and speciality plasticizer. 

In same year 2004, a proprietary company called M/s Chemtip Laboratories, a centre for customise R & D was started. During this period, he developed various import substituted speciality polymers, additives for plastics  and coatings successfully  implemented at various client’s end.

Presently he is manufacturing additive for plastics and also carry out customise R & D to develop new products for various clients.

He has wide experience in various kinds of polymers and resin. Speciality chemicals and additives. He has expertise over various kinds of pigments including speciality pigments like Fluorescent, pearlescent etc.
currently working on high performer acrylic emulsions and opaque polymer.

He is visiting professor at ICT
He is immediate past president of The colour society
He is active board member of UDCT alumni association and chapter Co-ordinator.